One Hundred Years of Know-How

November 26, 2015
Legacy Building and Design Inc. is based out of North Carolina and was founded by Ray Hubbard. He is an entrepreneur who has collected at Legacy and Design Inc. more than one-hundred years of know-how and experience. He has harnessed this knowledge to create long-lasting and timeless designs. The beautiful buildings that stand upon completion are a testament to the skill and vision of the professionals employed with Legacy Building and Design Inc. Ray Hubbard has always emphasized the use of new technology in order to advance their efforts. However, he does not advocate abandoning time-honored and proven methods, either, but rather using them in conjunction to enhance each other.

Legacy Building and Design Inc. knows that good remodeling and new home projects can only be successful if they have solid design plans and vision to build from. This is why Ray Hubbard has always insisted that every I be dotted and every T crossed before any work is done—to ensure that there are no miscommunications about the timeline, the details, or the cost. This is how Legacy Building and Design Inc. has cultivated such a strong customer base.